Meet the Founder: Raquel of Raquel's Room

Raquel’s roots are in New York. She’s the proud daughter of Jordanian and Puerto Rican parents who taught her the value of hard work and respect for where she comes from. 

Growing up she was a passionate activist and became an outspoken advocate for issues impacting people and the planet. Through her advocacy she connected with like-minded leaders from around the world, addressing the United Nations before graduating high school and giving her first TEDx Talk just a year later. Outside of her activism, while Raquel was getting her degree in Biology, she sought out opportunities to satisfy her creative side by working in fashion every chance she got. After learning from some of the city’s best stylists, Raquel knew Streetwear was a calling that allowed her to combine all of the things she loves most in life. 

Raquel’s Room is a celebration and a call to action. It’s where the magic of cannabis, community, and New York City meet. Raquel always knew she would be a household name. It wasn’t a matter of if, it was a matter of how and when. And that moment has arrived.