Top Tier Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Celebrate Your Favorite Cannamom

Top Tier Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Celebrate Your Favorite Cannamom

By Lisa Marie 

Mother’s Day is almost here. It’s one day to give thanks for everything your mom does for you on the other 364. While the definition of “Mom” can vary, the impact they have on the lives of their loved ones is the same. Mother’s Day is much more than a greeting card holiday. It’s a time to honor our biological, adoptive, and chosen family members. 

But let’s face it– some moms are just cooler than others. For moms who love Mary Jane, affectionately known as Cannamoms, sending a boring bouquet or a basic greeting card doesn’t feel right. This year, give your Cannamom what she really wants and deserves. (Hint: it’s definitely NOT another lame ass coffee mug or drug store box of chocolates.)  

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts For Cannamoms

Need a Mother’s Day gift that is as chic and unique as the person you are gifting? Looking for that one present that truly suits your one in a million Mom? If you want to show your love for that special Mother in your life while keeping your budget in mind, we’ve got you covered.

This one of a kind glass holder and papers set from House of Puff is a must have for Mom. Far from your average glass pipe, this hand blown beauty comes with gorgeous papers made of unbleached hemp. Best of all, the package for the papers features the image of a painting made by Latine artist, Paula Flores. Since a portion of the purchase is given back to Flores, you can support an amazing artist and your favorite Mom at the same time.

Need a simple and sweet way to show your mama how much they are appreciated? Look no further than this super cute Ganja friendly greeting card. Puff Cards, a company created by women back in 2016, has tons of card designs to match any style and gift-giving budget. What sets these greeting cards apart is the patented smell-proof cylinder that is safely stored inside. They even offer an option to include a rose petal cone inside the cylinder. For under $20, you can send your Mom the best greeting card she’s ever received! 

(Note: Flower not included

High End Gifts For Cannamoms

For those folks who live and breathe the “high life,” a small Mother’s Day token or trinket would never be right. Or maybe you really tried it with your mama this year, and you need to make amends in a huge way. Whatever the reason, these 2 showstopping splurge items are perfect for those who deserve the finer things in life (but would never buy them for themselves).

Is your mama someone who enjoys baking as much as getting baked? If so, you need to give the gift of an Ardent FX. This sleek unit can do it all– decarb flower, infuse liquids, and bake infused goodies. At just under $300, this mighty machine will take the guesswork and hassle out of creating custom made cannabis treats and infusions. With user friendly instructions and a trove of hazy recipes available on the Ardent website, even technology resistant moms can elevate their baking game with ease. The best part of gifting an Ardent FX to your mom? You can bet the next holiday gathering they host will be way more fun!

There isn’t a more accurate depiction of a mom’s journey than the story of a lotus flower. Like lotus flowers, moms overcome adversity, battle their way through darkness, and rise to live their unique truth. Honor your mom’s unbreakable spirit with this stunning Lotus Vase Set from My Bud Vase. The set comes complete with a main piece that does double duty as a water pipe and flower vase, as well as a tray, votive holder and candle, and hemp wick. As functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, this gift fits the bill for moms who think flower vases should be on display, not stashed away after a sesh.

For art loving moms, this Rolling Tray available from Sweet Mary Brown would make the ultimate sesh accessory. Crafted from acrylic lucite, this sleek and modern piece would fit flawlessly into any style of decor. This rolling tray named “inhale, exhale” features calming images designed to let your mind wander to a higher happy place. It’s an invitation for busy moms to slow down and steal a well deserved moment to themselves. 

Cannabis-Themed Self Care Gifts for Moms

For most busy moms, self care is the last thing on their list of things to do. And for some, self care is as rare as getting a positive phone call from your kid’s high school principal. This Mother’s Day, why not give a gift that helps your favorite mother figure prioritize self care? According to Mayo Clinic experts, carving out some “me time” is a necessary part of being an effective parent. When you give Mom the gift of self care, it’s a win for you, too

Nothing gives relaxation vibes better than a scented candle. But for Cannamoms, an ordinary candle from the mall is simply not the tea. These Indica Kush + Violet Resin Candles from Raquel’s Room make the perfect gift for moms who love Mary. Crafted with notes of sandalwood, patchouli, and Moroccan mint, and packaged in a chic black holder, these hemp wax beauties are sure to be a hit with anyone on your Mother’s day gift list this year.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to relax and recharge at the end of a busy day is taking a long shower or bath. How can you elevate that experience even further for your hard working mama? Try this PM Body Lotion from Chime and Chill. Made with a combination of soothing CBD and CBN, this affordable moisturizer can help Mom melt her stress and body aches away. PM Body Lotion can also work wonders for alleviating symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis without harsh chemicals.

Want to gift your mom with a spa experience without breaking the bank? The Head to Toe Trio from Potency 710 is a Mother’s Day must have. This CBD infused gift set has 3 essential self care items- shampoo, conditioner, and a bath brick. For only $50, you can treat your cherished Cannamom to an amazing, at-home spa day guaranteed to refresh her body and reinvigorate her spirit. 

Statement Gifts for Cannamoms

If the special person in your life is living fearlessly outside of the Cannabis closet, your gift needs to capture the essence of their spirit. Whether they are a Mary-loving Mama, a “Let’s take a walk” Auntie, or a Legacy Grandma, their gift should be one that lets the world know that Cannabis advocates are not limited by gender or age. Check out these clothing staples you can give to your favorite Cannamom to match their elevated energy:

If your mom’s mantra is, “Let’s normalize the plant, but make it fashion,” this statement shirt is THE ONE for them. Designed by Blunt Blowin’ Mama creator Shonitria Anthony, a revered Cannabis educator, advocate, and parent of 2 children, this popular shirt is a necessity for all bold and fearless Cannamoms. Made of 100 percent cotton, this far from basic black tee can be the perfect conversation starter for those who are fighting to destigmatize cannabis consumption for people at all stages of motherhood.

Cannamoms who want to destigmatize consumption may seek strength in numbers, and a community of like-minded folks for support. Enter the Pink Sesh Society. Founded by Patty Roe, Pink Sesh Society is a group for people that offers support, friendship, and positivity for all members. They offer 2 tiers of membership, one free and one paid, so there is an option to fit all prospective members. And this vintage weedicorn jacket? It’s giving unapologetic advocate for plant medicine for moms. It’s a must have, elevated version of a cape for the superhero Mom in your life.

Gift Ideas For Medical Marijuana Patients

This Mother’s Day, skip the mids and treat your favorite Medical Marijuana mama to an elevated experience fit for a queen. Etain can provide a dispensary experience for all levels of cannabis consumers. Etain was created in 2015 by 3 women who were passionate about exploring cannabis as a viable option for medical patients. At Etain, the focus is on creating a customized experience for each client. Taking a trip to one of Etain’s 4 NY locations is a great option for moms who are looking for consumption options other than combustible flower or vaporizers, but may not know where to start. With their knowledgeable staff and products that range from oral sprays, powders, lozenges, and tinctures, there is something for everyone at Etain.


Mother’s Day is the perfect time to go the extra mile to give thanks and show the special people in your life how much they are appreciated. Moms work hard every day, and deserve a gift designed to help them chill and destress. Even though we know our moms can buy themselves flowers, treat them to the kind of bouquet they really want this year. Trust me, Miley will approve! 


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