8 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Cannamom

8 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Cannamom

By Lisa Marie 

Cannamoms are dope and unique, which makes them way more fun to shop for on Mother’s Day. But basic and boring gifts? Absolutely out of the question. Crappy cards, drug store stuffed animals, and low-end bottles of wine are definitely not worthy of your Mary Jane mama.  

Here at Raquel’s Room, we hold our Cannamoms in the highest regard (pun intended). So this year, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite companies that feature Mother’s Day gift items guaranteed to pass the Cannamom vibe check.  

Seshware for Sophisticated Stoner Moms

Your mom deserves to blaze with beautiful pieces that reflect her taste and energy. She shouldn’t have to stash her seshware away because it looks tacky or out of sync with her personal style. Modern cannabis accessories should be more like art, to seamlessly fit in with the rest of your Cannamom’s home decor. 

My Budvase


Is your Mary Jane Mama in need of a seshware refresh? Doreen Sullivan, the creative force behind My Bud Vase, has released a new line of hummingbird bowl pokers guaranteed to please your favorite Cannamom. The Colibrí Collection of pokers is handcrafted from recycled aluminum by Mexican artisans. Each handpainted poker is strong, one of a kind, and too pretty to be kept hidden away– just like your mom.

But these pokers are more than cute conversation pieces. Many folks believe that hummingbirds or colibríes symbolize hope and help us honor the spirit of our lost loved ones. And with a price of $22.22, the angel number energy is undeniable. So whether you are gifting your mom, or treating yourself as a tribute to someone who has passed on, these hummingbird pokers are the perfect present for Mother’s Day.

Raquel's Recommendation: Get a Limited Edition set including a Colibrí poker and a Rosette bong to give your mom a seshware kit worthy of a spot on her fireplace mantel.


Buying for a mama who is passionate about supporting smaller, Black-owned businesses? Then ShopNoonies is the site to shop for Mother’s Day this year. ShopNoonies has TONS of cute sesh accessories, unique canna culture pieces, and meditation staples fit for any Canna Queen.

At ShopNoonies, there are plenty of options available to match your mom’s personal sesh style. Their online site is designed with feminine stoner energy in mind. From adorable mushroom-themed incense holders and ashtrays to the prettiest butterfly-printed pre-roll cones, you’re sure to find a memorable and meaningful Mother’s Day gift.

Raquel's Recommendation: There’s nothing cuter than a literal rolling tray in the perfect shade of pink topped with a strawberry shortcake flower grinder. Grab both for under $100.

Nano Technology Bevvies

Cannabis beverages are super popular these days, and for good reason. They’re a great fit for folks who want to experience the benefits of cannabis without having to light up. Infused drinks come in tons of delicious flavors and in a range of potency levels. Grab one of our picks for the best canna bevvies, and you’ll be sure to take your mom’s happy hour to new heights!


Need a fun and functional gift for your busy mom? Our friends at Brelixi have you covered. Created and owned by renowned food scientist and  Members Only Club Roommate (link to mailing list opt-in) Breanna Neff, Brelixi products offer user-friendly products that are perfect for experienced consumers as well as those who are just entering their Cannamom Era.

With items ranging from deliciously flavored ready-to-mix powder tubes to flavorless powders, you have the power to control the dosage and desired effects. And since Brelixi products use nanotechnology, the effects come on quicker and fade faster than with traditional edibles. For moms who need more calm and tranquility, Brelixi’s CBD products are like a bubble bath in a glass. And for higher-tolerance mamas, Brelixi’s THC powder can be added to any beverage for a mistake-proof, customizable way to elevate with ease. 

Raquel's Recommendation: Grab one of Brelixi’s all-inclusive starter kit bundles and treat your mom to the best of both cannabinoid worlds! 

Endo Tune-Ups

Give your mom’s wine fridge a major upgrade with a sampler pack of Endo Tune-Ups. Crafted with care in Lancaster, PA by owners Jake and Jamie, these low-dose beverages are a must-have for active folks who want to relax and recover without an alcohol hangover. 


What sets Endo Tune Ups apart from the rest is their 4:20 combination of THC and CBD. A lower dose of THC paired with calming CBD allows consumers to have a few without feeling too faded or anxious. Their site includes a user guide to explain the effects and help you control your experience. Also, the refreshing fruity flavors like cherry and pink lemonade have a hint of sweetness without the syrupy aftertaste. But the best part about these bevvies? They contain zero calories or added sugar. Tunies are sure to be your mom’s go-to drink for beach days, boat rides, and brunches this summer.

Raquel's Recommendation: For less than you’d pay for a round of cocktails at happy hour, you can have a Mixed Flavor 4 pack and a higher dose Lime Margarita 4 pack shipped directly to Mom’s door!

Safe and Regulated CBD Products

If your Cannamom wants to destress, sleep better, or enhance focus without the “elevation” that comes from THC, then CBD products are the perfect solution. But with all the options out there, buying a CBD gift can be daunting. Shop one of our highlighted brands for premium quality CBD that is sure to help your mama get her chill back. 

Sinsemilla De Ma 420 CBD

Sinsemilla De Ma 420 CBD offers a variety of CBD products, ranging from topicals to tinctures. Winde Bertran, a Registered Nurse, mixed ideas from traditional and holistic wellness practices to craft a CBD line that can be used as a natural alternative to opioids or other types of medications. 

Sinsemilla De Ma 420 CBD has safe and easy answers for many  of the everyday problems of #Momlife, too. Does your mom need to soothe sore muscles after a strenuous gym sesh? Wintergreen Sports Balm makes an excellent gift choice. Or maybe your mom wants to unwind without the wine after an endless work week? These tasty full-spectrum Kiwi Strawberry Sleep Gummies are just what she needs. 

Raquel's Recommendation: Give your mom’s gym bag a major makeover with some Hibiscus Boost Gummies and Shea Butter Pain Cream

Chime and Chill

Chime and Chill is a one-stop shop for CBD wellness gifts. As a mom and a “Team of One” solopreneur, Kimber Arezzi is an expert on managing the stress and demands of everyday life. So whether your mom wants to start her day with energy and focus, or decompress to finish her night, Kimber’s got a Chime and Chill product to match her mood.

Chime and Chill’s Oral Solutions are the quickest and easiest way to consume CBD. Each package contains 10 predosed vials—no mess or measuring needed. The leak-proof vials are perfect to keep on hand in a purse or gym bag for when Mom needs an energy adjustment or a calming mental reset. 

But Oral Solutions have a major hidden benefit that we’re about to gatebreak here: Taking CBD is a great way to level out after cannabis overconsumption. Chime and Chill Trio Cards are a must-have for faster relief when an edible hits extra hard, or that last puff was one too many.

Raquel's Recommendation: Chime and Chill’s newest Oral Solution can make your hardworking mom's midday slump more manageable. The cleverly named PMU (which stands for “pick me up”) includes THCv to help with motivation and increased energy to get through the toughest of days. What mom wouldn’t love that?


Cute Clothing for Cannamoms

Moms are known for putting their family members' needs above their own. While she’s busy taking care of everyone else, a wardrobe refresh is likely to fall to the bottom of your mom’s priority list. Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to treat your mom to some fresh fits from one of our favorite clothing companies.

Sheba Baby!

With all the responsibilities that come with being a mom, self-care is often

thought of as more of a splurge than a priority. But when we consider the many benefits of self-care for mothers, it’s clear that the time to take a proactive approach to change outdated narratives is long overdue.

What better way to encourage your mom to focus on her personal growth than with some merch from Sheba Baby!— a company that prioritizes healing, learning, and, of course, self-care? Their athleisure is cozy, cute, and perfect for running all the errands on your busy mom’s daily task list. Whenever your mom wears a signature Self-Care is a Habit hoodie, she’ll have a fashionable and unforgettable reminder of her new mantra. 

Raquel's Recommendation: Curate your mom’s new favorite fit by pairing a long sleeve tee, gradient leggings, and a tie-die beanie (extra large iced coffee and Raqwood optional😉)

Raquel’s Room

You already know our top gift idea for Mother’s Day, because we saved the best for last! When you were a kid, your mama taught you to eat your greens. Now that you’re grown, return the favor and remind her that greens were made for smoking! 

Get your mom a Smoke Your Greens hoodie from our exclusive collaboration with TONIC. Our hoodies are warm and cozy, just like a hug from your Mama Bear. While you’re at it, grab one for yourself and show the world that good taste runs in the family.


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